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Guest: Neil Shawcross

We are thrilled to have one of Ireland's most prominent artists, Neil Shawcross, on Like Mother, Like Son. Born in England, Neil moved to Belfast in 1962 and has spent a lot of time working with kids in addition to doing his own art. A fan of design, bottles, and postcards, Shawcross is also one of Northern Ireland's most distinctive portrait painters. That's a portrait of Sir Terry Frost (2001) at left.

Like Mother, Like Son-NeilShawcross.mp3

Musical Guest: Fionn O Lachlainn



Guest: Jason Debord

Our favorite Broadway musician is back! This time, Jason is playing keys and is Associate Conductor for the hit show, "Legally Blonde."

Like Mother, Like Son-Jason2.mp3

You can follow Jason's life and career on his blog: JasonDebord.com

Guests: Kera and Seth Herzog

A first on Like Mother, Like Son - a mother and son guest duo! Seth Herzog (AKA "The Zog") is a comedian and actor from New York. He performs "Sweet" every Tuesday night at The Slipper Room in Manhattan, and his mother joins him onstage. Seth has also been a subject of the documentary "Zog's Place" and appeared in such movies as Prime and The Baxter.

Like Mother, Like Son-Herzogs.mp3

The animated version of Seth and his Mom, featuring Michael Showalter: batemania.com

To join The Zog's mailing list, email: sethzog@aol.com



Guest: Sissy Block

Sissy Block is the co-producer of the monologue show, "Love and Israel," which is playing at the Eighth Annual Midtown International Theatre Festival in July and August. The show deals with people's personal relationships with Israel, and Sissy delighted us with an in-studio reading from parts of the show. Jewel Box Theatre, 312 West 36th Street - 4th Floor; 6 performances between July 18 and August 5; see SmartTix for showtimes.

Like Mother, Like Son-SissyBlock.mp3

Buy Tickets for "Love and Israel" at SmartTix: SmartTix.com



Guest: Jean Marzollo

Jean Marzollo is an early-childhood expert and the author of more than 100 books for children, including the incredibly popular I Spy series. Not content to simply write, she also talks about her upcoming work as an illustrator.

Like Mother, Like Son-JeanMarzollo.mp3

Jean on the web: JeanMarzollo.com

Featured Musical Artist: Rob Meany and Terramara


Guest: Amy Gillingham

Did you know there are people living off the grid right here in the Catskills? Amy Gillingham is one of them, and she talks with us about how she and her family do it, including using lots of tricks from our past.

Like Mother, Like Son-AmyG.mp3

Featured Musical Artist: Doug Little


Guest: Irene O'Garden

Irene O'Garden is in love with words. She expresses this love in poetry, prose, calligraphy, theatrical pieces and writing for children.

Like Mother, Like Son-IreneOgarden.mp3

Irene on the web: IreneOgarden.com


Guest: Shawn Wilson

Shawn Wilson is the author of Separate But Equal: The Mississippi Photographs of Henry Clay Anderson. Shawn tells us about how he got involved in saving these amazing photos of pre-civil rights Mississippi African-American society, and plans for museum tours.

Like Mother, Like Son-ShawnWilson.mp3

Shawn's book at Amazon.com: Separate But Equal


Guest: John Hamilton Adams

It's a real Adams Family affair as Ramsay's brother John Hamilton discusses life as a model, as a Rock'N'Roll musician, and dealing with cancer. John Hamilton has set up a web site to get iPods to kids dealing with cancer, called TheKidsRock.org

Like Mother, Like Son-JohnHamilton.mp3

The Kids Rock web site: TheKidsRock.org


Guest: Andy Serwer

Currently the Managing Editor at Fortune Magazine, many of you will recognize Andy from his years at CNN. He's also a popular blogger with "Street Life" online column. Andy joins us for a fun discussion of what's up in the world of finance.

Like Mother, Like Son-AndySerwer.mp3

Andy on the web: Fortune Magazine


Guest: Parvez Sharma

Parvez is an Indian-American film director who joins us to talk about his upcoming film, A Jihad for Love, about gays and lesbians in the Muslim world. It's currently in post-production, with plans to show in Fall 2007. Parvez is still open to investors for the film.

Like Mother, Like Son-Parvez.mp3

Parvez's film web site: Halal Films


Guest: Bartle Bull

Author Bartle Bull joins us to discuss his historical novels, including Safari: A Chronicle of Adventure (a look at the history of the Safari), The White Rhino Hotel, China Star, and Shanghai Station. Bartle tells stories of his travels around the globe which inspired many of the details of his books, plus heading Bobby Kennedy's campaign in the 1960s, dating Edie Sedgwick, running the Village Voice, and working with Rudy Giuliani.

Like Mother, Like Son-Bartle.mp3

Bartle's books on Amazon.com: Amazon.com


Guest: Eric Kulliseide

Eric and his life partner, Mark, were the subjects of the documentary Paternal Instinct, which was aired on HBO. The film chronicles Eric and Mark's search for a surrogate mother.

Like Mother, Like Son-Eric.mp3

Paternal Instinct: HBO.com


Guest: Trina Hamlin

She claims to be the world's greatest (living) female harmonica player. She also claims that Minnesota is the home of the blues. Check out her amazing in-studio performances, only here on Like Mother, Like Son.

Like Mother, Like Son-Trina.mp3

Trina's web site: TrinaHamlin.com


Guest: Larry Smith

Larry Smith's SmithMag.net is the online hub of storytelling. Can you tell your life's story in 6 words? Listen as Larry tells us about his favorites.

Like Mother, Like Son-Larry.mp3

Larry's web site: SmithMag.net


Guest: Victor Varnado

He's a comedian who has done stand-up on Conan O'Brien. He's a writer and director who has just completed production on his first film for Warner Brothers. He's starred in Hollywood films alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger and Eddie Murphy, and he runs the First Sundays Comedy Film Festival in New York. He's quite simply the world's best African-American albino comedian/actor/writer/film festival producer.

Like Mother, Like Son-Victor.mp3

Victor's web site is: BestAlbino.com


Guest: Reid Mihalko

He's the inventor of the Cuddle Party. It's been talked about on Jay Leno, Bill Maher, news stations across the country, and now Reid joins us for a frank and fun discussion about the growing phenomenon - parties where people pay to cuddle. Just cuddle.

Like Mother, Like Son-Reid.mp3

Reid's web site is: Cuddleparty.com




Guest: Isaac Solotaroff

Documentary filmmaker Isaac Solotaroff's Visioning Tibet, about increasing eye problems in Tibet, joins us for a fascinating discussion of his film and the country where it was shot. Visioning Tibet will be broadcast on PBS this spring.

Like Mother, Like Son-Isaac.mp3

Isaac's web site: IsaacSolotaroff.com


Guest: Regina Nejman

“A modern-dance choreographer with a piquant imagination and visual sense to match.” Jennifer Dunning, The New York Times

Regina, a dancer and choreographer from Brazil, talks about her dance performance Frozen Baby at the Joyce SoHo in Manhattan.

Like Mother, Like Son-Regina.mp3
(Includes bonus Cuddle Party Theme by Paul Kalkin.)

(Note: That's Regina at age 6 at Carneval in Brazil.)


Guest: Steve Horowitz

Composer Steve Horowitz scored the hit documentary Super Size Me, and is currently the audio director for Nickelodeon Online. Steve tells us about his Grammy, working with Morgan Spurlock, and his new collection of music.

Like Mother, Like Son-SteveHorowitz.mp3

Steve's site: The CodeInternational.com



Guest: Fionn O Lochlainn

British-born singer/songwriter Fionn O Lochlainn joins us for a live in-studio performance as he gets ready for South by Southwest and a number of other tour dates. We also listen to tracks from his new CD, Spawn of the Beast.

Like Mother, Like Son-Fionn.mp3

Fionn's web site: solarface.com



Guest: Amy Redford

Actress and activist Amy Redford recently performed in the play "Bhutan" at the Cherry Lane Theatre in New York. A Board Member of the Grand Canyon Park Trust, she is also directing her first film, "The Guitar."

Like Mother, Like Son-Amy.mp3


Guest: Drew Curtis

Drew Curtis is the creator of the popular internet site Fark.com. It has caused a sensation, and turned Drew into a real internet superstar. In fact, he was named one of PC World's "50 Most Important People on the Web." His web site boasts 3.5 million unique visitor's each month. So let's get Farking!

Like Mother, Like Son-Drew.mp3

Drew's web site: Fark.com


Guest: Mermer Blakeslee

Join us for an interview with Author Mermer Blakeslee, who has penned In the Yikes Zone, In Dark Water, and Same Blood. She is also a ski instructor who helps people overcome their fears.

Like Mother, Like Son-Mermer.mp3



Guest: Kevin Fitzpatrick

Kevin Fitzpatrick is the author of A Journey Into Dorothy Parker's New York and is President of the Dorothy Parker Society. A lifelong fan of all members of the Algonquin Round Table, Kevin shares with us the secrets of Dorothy Parker's New York history.

Like Mother, Like Son-Kevin.mp3



Guest: Richard Horowitz

Richard Horowitz, film composer, joined us a fun discussion of his Music in Oliver Stone's film Sheltering Sky.

Like Mother, Like Son-Richard.mp3



Guest: Adam Schlessinger

Nominated for a Grammy with the band Fountains of Wayne, nominated for an Oscar Award for the title song in That Thing You Do, and also playing with the band Ivy, Adam Schlessinger is one of the hottest musicians on the scene today. He also performed one of the voices on Saturday Night Live's "The Ambiguously Gay Duo."

Like Mother, Like Son-Adam.mp3


Guest: Jason Debord

Jason has been a broadway pianist and keys player since moving to New York from California. When we interviewed Jason, he was literally on-stage at the Palace Theatre playing keys for the Broadway show Lestat, with music by Elton John.

Like Mother, Like Son-Jason.mp3


Guest: Abe Velez

Abe performs with the Jewish-Latino-HipHop-Punk Band the Hip Hop Hoodios. Curious about what that sounds like? Check out the mp3 link below.

Like Mother, Like Son-Abe.mp3


Guest: Andrea Lavinthal

Co-author of The Hookup Handbook: A Girl's Guide to Living It Up, and beauty editor for Cosmopolition Magazine, Andrea shares some of her secrets of the hookup with our listeners, and compares notes with Patricia, much to Ramsay's embarrassment.

Like Mother, Like Son-Andrea.mp3


Guest: Zeroboy

Master of voices, sound effects, comedy, Zeroboy has been delighting audiences with his cartoon-like sound medleys around the world. Listen as we try to "Stump Zeroboy" - a French restaurant in Wisconsin? UFO's in the Catskills? Here what they sound like.

Like Mother, Like Son-Zeroboy.mp3
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